Aug. 13th, 2006

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Ohhhhhkay. *deep breath*

This all started when [ profile] miss_gate disappeared. Given the, erm, altercation she was involved in, I suspected the Dream Police at once. Problem was, those guys are notoriously vicious. If I was gonna go after Them, I couldn't put anyone else at risk. That's why I had to get [ profile] lyndawithay out of the way, hopefully where nobody would go looking for her. (Still sorry about the punch, Lynda - you didn't trust me an inch, with good reason, and there wasn't time to convince you.) Didn't quite work, though, since you all basically invaded [ profile] arthur_gate's house, which ended up with him getting kidnapped too - even though he hadn't broken one of Their arbitrary "rules" about non-fraternisation between levels of reality.

*puts on Power Point presentation*

You can imagine the different levels of reality as floors in a building. Everybody thinks of the guys in the floor above as being more "real" than they are. [ profile] de_seingalt is less "real" than, say, [ profile] pfred, who is less real than [ profile] agentcompassion.

(Anybody not following? Questions at the end.)

I tried to make a deal with [ profile] them_from_there to find out what Their ultimate plan really is. I said I'd work for Them - turns out that meant They made me into a fictional character, like [ profile] de_seingalt. If you like, they demoted me down one level of reality. It was like being a puppet. I keep my eyes and ears open, though.

Their mistake was that because Giac and I were now equally "real", he could swap himself for me. He couldn't tell Their plan without dying - They'd written that into him - but he knew I could, so the swap would be worth it.

He's one hell of a guy.

Anyway, their plan is this: They want to capture a "real" person, someone on the level of, say, [ profile] qthewetsprocket. They think this will allow Them to break through the Fifth Wall and take over LiveJournal. It's a crazy plan, but it just might work.

Somehow, together, we have to think of a way to stop Them.

OK, questions.


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